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"I would like to say Magda Genestar works are marvellous in every way. I would love to see in her next creations little cats & kittens  , a little girl washing her clothes,  a picnic scene, ... I’m sorry I could go on and on, my mind flies with the Fairy’s when looking at such beautiful things . When I was a young girl my first cat was  called “Cuqui”  that’s why when  first saw the name Cuqui I looked at the collection with special love and attention". (A.Granada)

"When I saw the wonderful collection of Cuqui they struck me as being so beautiful ,so sweet , so pretty and inspiring. They bring hope to my heart that in a world of problems and horrible things that happen, there are still marvellous things that exist. I would love a Cuqui, what a  beautiful birthday present". (T.G.Sevilla)

"Cuqui figurines remind me of beautiful loving tender memories. I love looking at the beautiful detail in every piece, I already have an impressive collection and my dream is to complete it". (T.M.Madrid)

"I find the best way to help me feel relaxed and peaceful is look is to look at my Cuqui collection they bring to mind my  lovely childhood memories of  when I used to play with my dolls". (Y.A.Las Palmas)

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